History of Massage Therapy

history of massage therapy

These history timelines are a labor of love of the massage profession. Seeing where we have been and where we are headed has become a big interest of mine since meeting Robert Calvert, ( 9/4/1945 – 4/19/2006) founder of Massage Magazine, author of the History of Massage, creator of the World of Massage Museum in Spokane ) many years ago at an AMTA-WA convention. His wife, Judi Calvert has carried on with classes on the History of Massage. The History of Massage CE website has a large selection of online classes.

Patricia Benjamin is another one of the historians preserving the history of massage with her book “The Emergence of the Massage Therapy Profession in North America – A History of Archetypes” that was published by Curtis-Overzet Publications which is no longer in business. Pat has mentioned that she is hoping her book will be released and made available for free.

Timeline history of massage therapy 3000BC – 1899

Timeline history – 1900-1950

Timeline history – 1950-2000

Timeline history 2000-2010

Timeline History 2010-2020

History of Massage Through Google Books

History of Sports Massage

History of Massage in the New York Times

The Phenomenal Growth of the Number of Massage Schools

History of Massage licensing by state.

Early History of Massage through Google Books  1866-1921

History of Sports Massage

History of Deep Tissue Massage

History of AMTA

History of AMTA by Ruth Williams

History of AMTA- WA – includes PDFs of AMTA journals 1954-1960

History of AMTA National

The Future of the Massage Profession -Franchises/schools

History of massage in Healthcare

The history of Hospital Based Massage Therapy

History of how WA State is able to bill health insurance – on my other site – www.massagepracticebuilder.com

Other History

History of Rolfing/Structual Integration

Practical Massage: Introduction to the Private Instructions in the Art of Massage. Massage Heritage Times (archive.org)

The Physiological Effects of Massage by JH Kellogg. Massage Heritage Times

The Meaning of Massage and Its Technique By Dr. Emil A.G. Kleen. Massage Heritage Times.

History of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

History of the Federation of State Massage Boards