This site is written by Julie Onofrio, LMT who is also the creator of www.thebodyworker.com which was the original site for my massage school notes.  I started www.thebodyworker.com in 1999 as a way to combat burnout and revive myself 12 years into being a massage therapist.  I never thought that it would make me any money.  It was really just for fun.  I would have never guessed that it would be half of my income since 2005 when I implemented Adsense ads.  Over the many years the website has grown to getting over 2500 visitors a day.  It wasn’t even really massage therapists!  Well there were some!    After all of these years, it has finally run it’s course.  Last year it became a big victim of Panda and Penguin.  So many sites had copied so much of the content especially a page on the history of massage and many others.  Google doesn’t like duplicate content.  Also so many spammy sites had started linking to the site that I just couldn’t keep up with getting them removed.  Google hates it when link farms link to you.

Through the years, www.thebodyworker.com has been a great source of income for me until 2012 when traffic started sliding from 2500 people a day down to a few hundred.  I debated what to do with the site since most of it was written so long ago but was still pertinent information.  After looking at what I made from Adsense alone since 2005 when I put my first ad on the site,  it was clear that it was worth reviving and rejuvenating.  So here is my latest creation and passion.

And yes there were many other things wrong with the site.  It was done in Microsoft FrontPage of all things.  The domain name was really bad!  At the time back in 1999 domains were limited in the number of characters you could use and of course all of the top level domains were taken and I didn’t really understand the value of having keywords in a domain name.  Yes sure you can make a site work that doesn’t have your keyword in it -but it just takes much more time and effort.

So it’s time has come to an end and the rebirth into www.massageschoolnotes.com will hopefully bring my traffic back.  I also plan on adding much more content and maybe even getting students involved in writing and sharing their notes.  The more notes the better!

Creating websites and writing has become a new passion for me.  As an introvert and being shy to top it off, writing online has let me have my say!

My other site www.massagepracticebuilder.com focuses is about what I have found that works for me as far as building a practice :  Having an optimized, content rich Website,  Creating a referral network,  Studying Ethics,  doing a little insurance billing and taking care of myself (yourself!)

I am a massage therapist in Seattle WA and have been a massage therapist since 1989.   I do injury massage and relaxation massage in downtown Seattle and have had my business since 1989.   I started creating websites in 1998, after suffering from severe burnout and minor health issues.  It has been my hobby since then and now I am writing a few books for the massage profession.

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