History of the Massage profession 2010 – Present (US)

Dec 2010 – NCBTMB announces they are creating a new National Certification for advanced Practice.”The credential will be the first to enable accomplished practitioners to differentiate themselves in the massage marketplace,” stated an NCBTMB press release. “It will also make it possible for employers and members of the conventional and integrative health care arenas to hire practitioners based on a certified, advanced level of experience and expertise. Massage Magazine. See add in Massage Mag.

2011 – salary stats from AMTA – In 2011, the average annual income for a massage therapist (including tips) was estimated to be $21,028.

March 2011 – the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) announced the launch of a project to develop a new national program to provide state regulatory agencies with a centralized quality assurance process for the renewal of State licensure or State certification. As part of this process,
the FSMTB convened a task force representing State regulatory boards and agencies, educators and massage therapists.

2011 – ABMP has 79,444 members (combined massage therapists, yoga instructors and others.)  See ABMP growth chart.

July 2011 – International Massage Association owner – Will Green convicted of fraud.  See www.imagroup.com (website has been taken over by another insurance company)   See Massage Today Article – What Became of IMA?     ABMP responds On closure of IMA Group.

Nov 2011 – Steiner Leisure buys Cortiva.  Steiner runs the many cruise ship lines.  12 campuses for $33 Million. see the press release.

2012 – Salary Stats from the BLS :  $35,970 per year , $17.29 per hour. Number of jobs : 132,800

January 2012 – FSMTB board of directors accepted the task force recommendations for the Maintenance of Core Competence (MOCC)Program, summarized as follows (MOCC Program Proposal from archive.org)PDF :
Recommendation 1
Licensure renewal requirements focus on public protection and maintenance of
core competencies. All therapists complete a required educational program
for re-licensure focused on public safety issues.
Recommendation 2
A transition phase addressing maintenance of core competence as well as
current continuing education for professional enhancement will be needed.
FSMTB will provide State Boards and Agencies with guidelines to assist in the
transition phase.
Recommendation 3
Professional enhancement and continuing education is voluntarily attained at
the discretion of the therapist and not mandated for licensure renewal.

March 14, 2012 – NCBTMB announces they are phasing out the National Certification Exam. Massage Magazine Article

March 2012 NCBTMB Press Release on archive.org. NCBTMB will no longer pursue the development of the National Credential for Advanced Practitioners. After extensive feedback from the profession, and a further look at the difficulty in testing the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for such a level of practice, the exam was deemed inappropriate for the current needs of the profession. Rather, it was discovered that higher standards for certification were desired, and the new Board Certification credential, soon followed by the development of specialty exams, will provide a pathway for career success.

April 2012 – AMTA shoots down the MOCC proposal see archive.org

May 12, 2012  Diane Polseno passes away.  A leader in the massage profession.

June 20, 2012  – AMTA commits to educating consumers and announces their Massage Consumer Experience Tour. (See Press release)

Sept 2012 – Touchy Subjects by Steve Capellini, leader in the spa world publishes controversial book about what it was really like to be a massage therapist in the 70s and 80’s.

Sept 2012 – Roark Capital that owns Cinnabon, Arbys, Wingstop, buys Massage Envy

October 26, 2012 Dr John Upledger passes away.  Truly a leader in the massage profession.

2013FSMTB task analysis

2014 -AMTA approximately 57000 members

2014  – Entry Level Analaysis Project Completed  (ELAP) Created competencies required for basic massage school curriculums.

2014 May – Federation of Massage State Boards Model Practice Act (PDF)

2014 –  NCBTMB releases National Exam into Federation of Massage State Boards Hands.   FSTMB and NCBTMB reach an agreement. (PDF)

July 2012 – NCBTMB announces new requirements for new Board Certification which includes 750 hours of education. Massage Magazine

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