History of Massage

History of Triggerpoint Therapies

Is it Triggerpoint therapy or Neuromuscular therapy? French Physician de Baillou (1538-1616) describes what we know as the myofascial syndrome. 1816 – Balfour, a British doctor mentions nodular, pressure-sensitive areas of swelling and thickening in muscle tissue from pain radiates out to neighboring regions. Edinb Med J. 1904 Mar; 15(3): 223–235. PMCID: PMC5274967 The Causes, Pathology, and …

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History of Deep Tissue Massage

1887 – First mention I could find so far on deep pressure: Manual of Treatment by Massage and Methodical Exercise By Joseph Screiber · 1887 1893 – Recent developments in massage : historical, physiological, medical and surgical by Graham, Douglas, 1848-; Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Full text/PDF at Archive.org “There is a muscular sense which is different …

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The Rolfing Lineage: First Rolfers to trademark nightmare

Emmett Hutchins was one of Dr. Ida Rolf’s first students. Dr. Rolf appointed Emmett as one of the first teachers of her work. As Dr. Rolf requested, in the 1970s Emmett moved from California to Boulder to focus on the work that would eventually bring into being the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. In the early 1990s, …

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