Mastering Medical Terminology

Root                    Meaning                    Example

Acou, Acu         hearing                     Acoustics

Acro, Acro        extremity                Acromium

Aden, Adeno     gland                        Adenoma – tumor with a gland like structure

Adip                      fat                               Adipose tissue

Alg, Algia            pain                           Neuralgia -pain along a nerve

Angi(o)               vessel                       Angiocardiography – x-ray of the blood vessels and heart

Ater (i)               Arteries                    Ateriosclerosis – hardening of the arteries

Artgrm Arthro      Joint                   arthropathy – disease of joint

Aut, Auto         Self                             Autolysis- destruction of cells of the body

Bio                      life, living                 Biopsy – examination of tissue removed from a living body

Blast                   germ, bud                Blastocyte – an embryonic or undiferrentiated cell

Brachi               arm                            Biceps Bracii – the biceps located on the arm

Blephar            eyelid                       Biepharitis – inflammation of the eyelids

Bronch             trachea, windpipe     Bronchoscopy – direct visual examination of the bronchii

bucc                 cheek                            Buccocrvical – pertaining to the cheek and neck

Capit                head

carcin             cancer                          carcinogenic – causing cancer

caud, caudal     tail                            away from the head, inferior

cephal                 head                       hydrocephalus – enlargement of the head

cerbro               brain                       cerebrospinal fluid – fluid in the cranium and spinal canal

cheil                    lip                            Cheilosis – dry scaling of the lip

Chir                     hand                        Chiropractic – system of healthcare based on manual manipulation of the spine

Chole                 bile, gall                 Cholecystogram – x-ray of the gall bladder

Chrondr, chondri, chondrio       cartilage                 chondrocyte – cartilage cell

Chrom, chromat, chromato    color         hyperchromic – highly colored

colo                     colon

corp, corpor       the body

cortic                     outer layer

cost                          rib                                   costal cartilage

crani                 skull                                   craniotomy – surgical opening of the  skull

cry, cryo             cold                                cryotherapy – using cold for therapy

cut                      skin                                   subcutaneous – under the skin

cysti, cysto       sac/bladder                cystoscope – instrument to look at the interior of the bladder

cyt, cyto, cyte        cell                             cytology – the study of cells

dactyl, dactylo      digits of fingers        polydactylia – above normal number of fingers or toes

dent                          teeth                             dentist

derma, dermato   skin                        dermatosis – skin disease

digit                          finger/toe

entero                   intestine                    enteritis – inflammation of the intestine

erythr                   red                              erythrocyte – red blood cell

fasci                       a band

febr                       fever

fil                            thread

gangli                   swelling, plexus

gastr                     stomach                  gastrointestinal – pertaining to the stomach and intestines

gloss, glosso      tongue                     hypoglossal – located under the tongue

gyn (ec)             female

hem, hemat      blood                        hematoma – blood beneath the skin

hepat, hepato     liver                      hepatitis – inflammation of the liver

hist, histio          tissue                    histology – study of tissues

homeo, homo     unchanging/steady – homeostasis – achievement of a steady state

hydro                  water                      hydrotherapy – water therapy

hyster                 uterus                    hysterectomy – surgical removal of the uterus

ileo, ileum        part of the intestine          ileocecal valve – folds at the opening between ileum and cecum

ilio, ilium         flaring part of hip bone     iliosacral – pertaining to the ilium and sacrum

labi                    lip

lachry, lacri       tears                     nasolacrimal – pertainint to the nose and lachrymal apparatus

laryngo               windpipe

leuco, leuko       white                    leukocyte – white blood cell

lingu                     tongue

lip,lipo                fat                            lipoma – fatty tumor

Mamm                breast                    mammography

Mast                    breast                    mastitis

melan                black

men                     month

meningo            membrane         meningitis – inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord and brain

metro               uterus                     endometrium – lining of the utereus

morpho          form/shape           morphology – study of form and structure of things

myhelo            marrow, spinal cord          poliomyeitis – inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord

myo                 muscle                     myocardium – heart muscle

narc                numbness/stupor     narcotic

cecr, cecro      pertaining to death            necrotic tissue

nephro            kidney                        nephrosis – degeneration of kidney tissue

neuro               nerve                     neuroblastoma – malignant tumor of the nervous system

nutri                nutrition

oculo               eye                           binocular – pertaining to the two eyes

odont              tooth                     orthodontic – proper positioning of the teeth

oo                      egg                         oocyte

ophthalm        eye                       ophthalmology – science of the eye and it’s diseases

or                        mouth                  orifice

orb                    circle

oss,osseo, osteo          bone          ostema – bone tumor

oto                    ear                          otosclerosis – formation of bone in the labyrinth of the ear

patho               disease                   Pathology – study of disease

pec, pek          solidify                   pectose

pept, pepto   digestion

phag, phago      to eat                 phagocytosis – a cell that eats migroorganisme, other cells

pharyng              throat

philic,philo       to like/have affinity for      hemophilic – have an affinity to bleeding

phob, phobia       fear                 massageshoolphobia – fear of massage school

phot                      light

phren                   mind/diaphragm

pleur(o)             the lining of the chest cavity             Pleuritis – inflammation

pneumo              lung                         pneumothorax – air in the thoracic cavity

pod                      foot                          podiatry – study of foot disorders

procto                anus/rectum        proctoscopy

pseud, pseudo     false                     pseudoangina – false angina

psycho                soul/mind            psychology, psychiatry

pulmo                  lung

pyel                       pelvis

pyo                      pus                         pyuria – pus in urine

pyloro              opening between stomach and duodenum

reno, ren        kidney

rhin, rhino        nose

sarc                  flesh

scler, sclero     hard                     scleroderma – hardening of the skin

sep, septic       poison/toxic      septicemia – presence of bacterial toxins in blood (blood poisoning)

ser                   watery substance

soma, somato       body               somatic – of the body

splen(o)             spleen

spondylo          relationship to the spine

statis, stat         stand still           homeostasis – achievement of a steady state

tars                     ankle                   tarsals

therm                heat                    thermometer

thorac            chest

tom, tomo       section/layer

tox                    poison

ur(o), uret, ureth   urine, urinary

viscer           organ




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