Massage School Notes

massage school curriculum

These are some of my notes from massage school. This information was first available on my website which is no longer my domain. This information has been updated as best I can over the years. The latest massage school curriculums should be based on the Entry Level Analysis Project ( recommended curriculum.

Thinking about becoming a Massage Therapist?

Be sure to do your research on this career so you know what you are getting into before spending time and money on school.

You will want to know how much you can make, how to choose a massage school, and how to navigate the massage job market as wall as how to start your own massage business.

These are the classes you will be taking in massage school.  It is important to find a quality school that has implemented the Entry Level Analysis Project Data (ELAP into their massage courses.  This will ensure that your education will prepare you for what is ahead.

Massage Politics

Licensing and Legislation issues

Defining Massage, Massage Therapy, Massage Therapy Practice