Massage Insurance Billing

Massage Insurance Billing

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Billing Insurance for Massage is one way to supplement your massage business with a steady flow of clients.  People who are injured and coming in on insurance will come in regularly until they are better.   There are some things to learn in order to bill and get paid but once you get the hang of it you can then often tell which cases to take and which ones not to take making it easier to get paid.

Figure out your cost per client first to see if taking insurance will help make your business more profitable.

Learn about the different types of insurance that you can bill.

  • Car accidents
  • Other personal injury accidents – slip and falls
  • Work related injuries through Workers Compensation/Labor and Industries
  • Health Insurance
  • Health savings accounts

Will billing insurance make your massage business more profitable? See:

Massage CPT Codes  – new codes coming 2017.

Massage Insurance Billing Forms

SOAP Charting

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

The Insurance Billing form – CMS 1500

Getting Paid


3 thoughts on “Massage Insurance Billing”

  1. I am a registered nurse but also a breast cancer patient currently receiving radiation treatment. I have been receiving massage therapy almost twice a week for the past month or two. I have found it incredibly helpful. My pain is less. My anxiety is reduced. My pre-cancer pain (whiplash injury from a MVA in 1986, with spurring on vertebrae and radiculitis, and other issues, neck and L-S spine) has decreased as well.

    Recently there was a bit of a to-do when a patient’s appointment wasn’t when the patient thought it was. At the time I thought the patient was unreasonable, but this morning, I learned that my scheduled and confirmed appointments for this week had been canceled and my place given to others, and there are no vacancies for the next week. So I will not be receiving massage therapy. I now understand that other patient’s ire!

    It occurs to me that if my cancer center realized they could bill insurance for the very valuable service the massage therapist provides us, they might assign her more hours and we could all receive care. I also suspect that the scheduler, who seems to cancel and reschedule at will and for who knows what reason, would be inclined to leave things as they were, if she were to provide appointment cards and perhaps if the scheduling was electronic. Changes could be tracked. That ought to stop the “surprises.”

    I’m so pleased to have found your page. I’ll speak with the massage therapist about becoming credentialed in order to get reimbursement, as well as the director of the cancer center. Your very informative site was a pleasure and a comfort to read.

  2. None of your “forms” or document page links are providing ANYTHING other than “page not found”.
    Can you resolve this??

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