Start Your Massage Business

Starting your massage business can seem like an overwhelming task. Most massage therapists at some time in their life go on to start their own massage business. You will have to learn about business and marketing your practice. You will need to have an effective website and you will also need to know how to build a referral network of doctors and other health care professionals as well as learn to get your clients and other businesses to refer to you.

Most everything you need to know to get you started is written on one of my many websites. (this site), or

  1. Create a vision for your massage business.
  2. Write a Business Plan
  3. Set up your boundaries (policies and procedures)
  4. Find an office space, sign a lease/rental agreement
  5. Set up your website
  6. Build a referral network
  7. Learn to bill insurance
  8. Take care of yourself first