Websites That Work for Massage Therapists

Websites that Work for Massage Therapists

Nov, 24 2013

Do you Have a Website that Works?   A website that works is one that shows up at the top of the first page of Google, Gets people to click on the listing, and then Gets people to make the appointment for the massage!  It also makes you money while you do massage.  It is one of the most important things you can do to Get More Clients!  In fact, A Website that works can be your main source of clients.   You really won’t have to do much else except work on your referral network.

When people search for ‘massage, your city’ your website should be on the top of the first page of Google results and every other search engine. Once it gets to the top, then it needs to have a search engine listing that people will click on and go to your site. After they are there on your website it will have to have enough content to build a relationship with your client right from the start. You want potential readers to trust you enough to make the call for the appointment and become a regular weekly client.  Content is how you build trust!  Give people what they want to see!  A Website that Works is about the Reader/Potential Client!

Think about what people are looking for when they are looking for a massage therapist. They usually have some disease, injury or condition or just stress and pain that they want to get rid of. What you need to tell them on your website is that you can handle whatever it is that they have and that you have experience working with that kind of problem even if you are right out of massage school. Basically you create a content rich website and just write about all of the things that you tell people anyways on a daily basis.

Either way you won’t have to do much more to get a steady flow of new clients. It can also make you money while you do massage. You can write articles or find affiliate products (other people’s or companies products) to promote. You will need another stream of income to support you and to always have other sources of income. Everyone does too actually – not just massage therapists.

The basic process for making a website is:

  • Choosing the best domain for your business. The best domain will have your keyword in it – massage or massage your city.
  • Creating a content rich website – 30 pages minimum. Each page needs to have at least 300 words of text and more is recommended. Google in particular doesn’t like sites without enough text.
  • Learn how to use metatags in your website. The metatags are a hidden part of the site that tell the search engines what is on your site. The description tag is what actually shows up in the listing that Google shows to people. The title tag shows up as the heading in the listing. So these two important tags will also determine if people will click on your listing. You will learn how to create these in my Book.
  • Create a clear navigation system for your website. Google recommends that each page link to your other pages so that they are all connected. It is links that make the internet work. Search engines look for and follow links.
  • Get other sites to link to your site. Google will follow them to your site. It can’t just be any old site. It needs to be a high quality, content rich website. There are many different ways to get other sites to link to you. You can learn more about linking in my book.

Your website should also be making you money while you do massage. You can do that in many ways like selling other people’s products, selling products as an affiliate where you get a referral fee, selling your own informational books, ebooks, Kindle/Nook books.

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