Supervision, Peer Groups, Mentoring

Supervision  is the process of working with a more experienced massage therapist to be able to share your daily challenges as a massage therapist.  It isn’t like the supervision that you might think of in a regular work setting.  It is based on clinical supervision that is done in the psychology profession to support therapists and deal with the many ethical challenges that will arise.

Peer  groups –  Working in a group setting,  you can learn to build a support network of massage therapists.  Meeting regularly and building trust with the group members will allow you to share what deeply moves you or challenges you.   When you are heard by others,  you will often find out more about yourself and solve your own dilemmas.

Mentoring – Helping other massage therapists who are a few steps behind you is a great way to get support and to build your career or practice.  Having someone to bounce things off of and share what has worked for them at various times can help motivate you in your own career.