Massage CE Requirements by State (U,V,W)

Utah Massage CE Requirements

Utah Board of Massage :

Vermont Massage CE Requirements

Vermont Board of Massage :

NO CE Requirements

Virginia Massage CE Requirements

Virginia Board of Massage :

Continued Competency – Massage Therapist
18VAC90-50-75. Continuing competency requirements.
A. In order to renew a license biennially, a licensed massage therapist shall:

  1. Hold current certification by the NCBTMB; or
  2. Complete at least 24 hours of continuing education or learning activities with at least one hour in professional ethics. Hours chosen shall be those that enhance and expand the skills and knowledge related to the clinical practice of massage therapy and may be distributed as follows:
    a. A minimum of 12 of the 24 hours shall be in activities or courses provided by one of the following providers and may include seminars, workshops, home study courses, and continuing education courses:
    (1) NCBTMB;
    (2) Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards;
    (3) American Massage Therapy Association;
    (4) Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals;
    (5) Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation;
    (6) A nationally or regionally accredited school or program of massage therapy; or
    (7) A school of massage therapy approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.
    b. No more than 12 of the 24 hours may be activities or courses that may include consultation, independent reading or research, preparation for a presentation, a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or other such experiences that promote continued learning.
    B. A massage therapist shall be exempt from the continuing competency requirements for the first biennial renewal following the date of initial licensure in Virginia.
    C. The massage therapist shall retain in his records the completed form with all supporting documentation for a period of four years following the renewal of an active license.
    D. The board shall periodically conduct a random audit of licensees to determine compliance. The persons selected for the audit shall provide evidence of current NCBTMB certification or the completed continued competency form provided by the board and all supporting documentation within 30 days of receiving notification of the audit.
    E. Failure to comply with these requirements may subject the massage therapist to disciplinary action by the board.
    F. The board may grant an extension of the deadline for continuing competency requirements, for up to one year, for good cause shown upon a written request from the licensee prior to the renewal date.
    G. The board may grant an exemption for all or part of the requirements for circumstances beyond the control of the licensee, such as temporary disability, mandatory military service, or officially declared disasters.
    Statutory Authority
    §§ 54.1-2400 and 54.1-3005 of the Code of Virginia.
    Historical Notes
    Derived from Volume 13, Issue 24, eff. September 17, 1997; amended, Virginia Register Volume 19, Issue 07, eff. January 15, 2003; Errata, 19:8 VA.R. 1273 December 30, 2002; amended, Virginia Register Volume 25, Issue 04, eff. December 11, 2008; Volume 32, Issue 26, eff. September 21, 2016; Volume 34, Issue 09, eff. January 24, 2018.

Washington Massage CE Requirements

WA State Board of Massage:

Administrative Code:

WAC 246-830-475
Continuing education requirements.
(1) To renew a license, a massage therapist must complete twenty-four hours of continuing education every two years, as provided in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 7. Continuing education must be provided by an individual who has at least three years of professional experience in the subject area being taught. Massage therapists have a duty to ensure the continuing education they complete meets the requirements in this section.
(2) The following categories of continuing education are mandatory:
(a) A minimum of eight hours must be in person and directly supervised involving the participation of the direct application of massage therapy as defined in RCW 18.108.010; and
(b) A minimum of four hours must be in professional ethics, client or patient communication, professional roles and boundaries, or Washington state massage laws and rules. Two of the four hours may be met by attending board of massage meetings in person. A maximum of one hour is allowed per board meeting; and
(c) Maintenance of certification in American Heart Association CPR or equivalent. A maximum of four hours is allowed per reporting period.
(3) For the purposes of this chapter, the remaining hours of continuing education are defined as any of the following activities reasonably related to massage therapy knowledge, skills, and business practices:
(a) Documented attendance at a local, state, national, or international continuing education class, program or conference;
(b) First aid certification or emergency related courses;
(c) Self-study through the use of multimedia devices or the study of books, research materials, or other publications.
The required documentation for this activity is a one page, single spaced, twelve point font synopsis of what was learned written by the licensee. The time spent writing the synopsis is not reportable. Two hours of credit is allowed per report, and no more than two separate reports may be submitted per reporting period;
(d) Teaching a course for the first time;
(e) Business and management courses;
(f) Distance learning. Distance learning includes, but is not limited to, correspondence course, multimedia or webinar, print, audio or video broadcasting, audio or video teleconferencing, computer aided instruction, e-learning or on-line-learning, or computer broadcasting or webcasting; or
(g) Active service on boards or participation in professional or government organizations specifically related to the practice of massage.
(4) A massage therapist must provide acceptable documentation of continuing education upon request or audit. Acceptable forms of documentation include, but are not limited to:
(a) Transcripts;
(b) A letter from the course instructor or the organization providing the continuing education;
(c) Certificate of attendance or completion; or
(d) Other formal documentation that includes the following:
(i) Participant’s name;
(ii) Course title;
(iii) Course description;
(iv) Date or dates of course;
(v) Number of hours;
(vi) Indication of being an in-person course, self-study as referenced in subsection (3)(c) of this section, or distance learning as referenced in subsection (3)(f) of this section;
(vii) Instructor’s name or sponsor organization name or names;
(viii) Instructor or sponsor contact information; and
(ix) Signature of the program sponsor or course instructor. The self-study allowed in subsection (3)(c) of this section is exempt from this requirement.
(5) Massage therapists who maintain an active status Washington state massage license must meet all continuing education requirements regardless of whether they reside or practice in Washington state.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.085 (1)(a), 18.108.025 (1)(a), chapter 18.108 RCW and 2020 c 76. WSR 21-02-012, § 246-830-475, filed 12/24/20, effective 9/1/21. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.025 (1)(a), 18.108.085 (1)(a), 43.70.041 and chapter 18.108 RCW. WSR 17-14-062, § 246-830-475, filed 6/29/17, effective 7/30/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.025, 18.108.125, and 43.70.250. WSR 09-11-016, § 246-830-475, filed 5/7/09, effective 6/7/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.025(1).WSR 95-11-108, § 246-830-475, filed 5/23/95, effective 6/23/95; WSR 94-13-181, § 246-830-475, filed 6/21/94, effective 7/22/94.]

West Virginia Massage CE Requirements

West Virginia Board of Massage:

Continuing Education

West Virginia regulations specify that all Licensed Massage Therapists must keep their education current by completing a series a Continuing Education courses each year in order to continue their licensure. Every therapist must complete a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Education courses during each licensure period (2 years). Of this 24 hours, at least 3 hour must be in professional ethics.

Six (6) CEU’s can be carried over from the previous licensing period. Continuing education units “carried over” are the units that you had earned from the last period totaling over twenty-four (24)

Wisconsin Massage Therapy CE Requirements

Wisconsin Board of Massage :

Massage Therapist or Bodywork Therapist Continuing Education
Beginning with the renewal period commencing on March 1, 2015, each Massage Therapist/Bodywork Therapist must complete 24 hours of continuing education, including two (2) hours of ethics, to renew a license.
Acceptable continuing education must cover topics within the scope of practice of massage therapy and bodywork therapy or related business practices. The topic of at least two (2) of the total continuing education hours in each biennium shall be ethics.
NOTE: Does not apply to the biennium when license was first issued or for first renewal of license.

Biennium from 3/1/odd to 2/28/odd

MTBT 7.01 Authority. The rules in ch. MTBT 7 are adopted under the authority of s. 460.10, Stats. History: CR 13−055: cr. Register May 2014 No. 701, eff. 6−1−14. MTBT 7.02 Continuing education required.

(1) Beginning with the biennial registration period commencing on March 1, 2015, unless granted a waiver under s. MTBT 7.02 (4), each licensee is required to complete 24 hours of continuing education prior to renewal of a license to practice as a massage therapist or bodywork therapist, except that a new licensee shall not be required to comply with the continuing education requirements for the first renewal of a license.
(2) Acceptable continuing education shall address topics within the scope of practice of massage therapy and bodywork therapy or related business practices. The topic of at least 2 of the total continuing education hours in each biennium shall be ethics.
(3) Each licensee shall, at the time of making application for renewal, sign a statement on the application for renewal certifying that the licensee has completed 24 hours of acceptable continuing education, including 2 credits pertaining to ethics, during the 2−year period immediately preceding the renewal date under s. 440.08 (2) (a) 46r., Stats.
(4) A licensee may apply to the board for waiver of the requirements of this chapter on grounds of prolonged illness or disability or other exceptional circumstances. The board will consider each request individually on its merits. (5) One hour of continuing education shall be awarded for each 50 minutes of instruction or its equivalent. (6) Each licensee shall maintain verifiable evidence of completion of the continuing education activity until the licensee submits the next application for renewal of a license to practice massage therapy or bodywork therapy. History: CR 13−055: cr. Register May 2014 No. 701, eff. 6−1−14; CR 17−076: am. (3) Register June 2018 No. 750, eff. 7−1−18.
MTBT 7.03 Acceptable continuing education activities. The board shall accept the following in satisfaction of the biennial training requirement provided under s. MTBT 7.02: (1) Continuing education activities approved or provided by any of the following: (a) Massage therapy or bodywork therapy schools or training programs approved pursuant to s. 460.095, Stats. (b) Institutions of higher education as s. 106.57 (1) (c), Stats. (c) Local, state, or national chapters of professional organizations that address improvement of the profession, including but not limited to the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), and the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). (2) Continuing education activities may be in the form of in− person instruction, distance learning, online activities, audiovisual recordings, audio recordings, and professional literature review. History: CR 13−055: cr. Register May 2014 No. 701, eff. 6−1−14; correction in (1) (intro.) made under s. 35.17, Stats., Register May 2014 No. 70

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