Massage Business Plans

To Write an effective business plan, first work on these key concepts so that you can co-create exactly what you want rather than just taking what comes your way.

  • Take a look at your self and your practice (or what you want it to be). Take the self assessment inquiry here.
  • Create a mission/statement or Create a statement of informed consent. This is more really for you to discover what it is that you really do.  It is more than just the standard “here is what the benefits of massage are”.  Knowing what it is that you do is the first step.  This is really more about getting clear about your intentions and connecting with your true self.  You can also give the statement to potential clients or learn to describe verbally what you do so that you can know that clients are on the same page as you as far as their health concerns.
  • What is your Intention for doing massage or creating a business?  Often our intentions are unconscious.  Finding out your intentions allow you to learn to create based on your intentions.  Intention is not a goal to be reached but rather an energy to tap into.  You can learn to co-create your practice and your life with intention.
  • Find out who you want to market to (find your target).  Who is your ideal client?  The book “Attracting Perfect Customers” also addresses this concept in more detail.  Some people recommend doing market research to see what the demand is. While you can do it that way, you may end up doing something that you really don’t want to be doing.  Like what if the demand is for relaxation massage and you hate doing relaxation massage – will you do it?  When you compromise you risk losing touch with yourself and your passion.  You will have a higher risk of ending up burned out.  Doing what you love and loving what you do is the key.
  • Make business cards, brochures, flyers, educational packets and promotional material based on who you are for your ideal client and with intention.
  • Know your competition, but realize that competition is really about fear – fear that someone else will take your clients or fear that you are not going to get clients.  Overcoming the fear and working with others will often lead to others respecting you and referring clients to you.
  • Why we fail.  Business and Practices end up in failure usually because of the false beliefs that the mind create that hold us back and keep us from doing the things that we need to do to run a successful practice.

Online Resources:

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