Glossary of Massage terms (B,C,D)

Glossary of Massage Terms for Massage School – B, C, D

Body Mechanics – Massage therapists must use appropriate body mechanics with proper use of leverage and strength for maximum efficiency with minimum strain to stay healthy while doing massage.

Broad Fiber Spreading – Any friction technique that moves superficial tissue over the underlying structures in a direction that is generally considered ‘across’ the fibers.  Circular friction can be considered a type of broad fiber spreading.

Bursitis –  Inflammation of a bursa which is small fluid filled sac that is found around joints.  Bursitis can result from an injury or develop because of overuse. Bursa fluid in the inflamed state has a high concentration of calcium ions.

Calorie – A unit of heat.  Food is associated with it’s ability to supply calories.

Capsular Pattern– A pattern of limitation of moment that has become common for the joint which indicates a problem or a dysfunction with the joint.

Carbohydrate– An organic compound made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules which is a basic source of energy.  It is stored as glycogen in body tissues such as the liver and muscles.  Carbohydrates yield about 4 calories per gram.

Cardiac Output – The amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute which at rest is usually 6-8 liters a minute.

Circular Sports Friction – Friction applied in a circular motion with thumb, fingers, heel of the hand, elbow or other surface.  The skin moves with the compressor into and over the underlying tissues.

Complete Protein – Protein that contains all of the essential amino acids such as eggs, cheese, milk and meat.

Compression – Rhythmic pumping action that may vary in pace and depth that can be applied with the fist, palm, heel of the hand or fingertips, used to create hyperemia and to spread fibers.  Contraindicated over joints and bony prominences.

Concentric Contraction – A shortening of the muscle during a contraction – a type of isotonic exercise.

Contractures – Shortening or tightening of the skin, muscle, fascia or joint capsule that prevents normal mobility or flexibility of that structure.

Contusion – Bruising from a direct blow that causes the capillary to rupture along with edema and an inflammatory response.




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