Getting the most out of your massage session

When getting a massage therapy session, you will want to make sure that you get the best out of your session and get what you pay for. Massage therapists are not mind readers and need to know what is on your mind. It is important to speak up and be in communication with your massage therapist at all times. Getting a massage can sometimes make it difficult to do that as it is so relaxing, it may lead you to a little bit of an altered state of deep relaxation. Comminication is often difficult when that happens.

  1. In the beginning of your massage, the therapist should have you fill out health questionairre forms with questions that may seem odd or too personal. The questions are there to help rule out whether or not getting a massage is safe for you. Some health conditions make it so massage should not be given or massage should be applied in different ways for various conditions. The main issues are things like having a history of blood clots, having a pace maker, being pregnant, having contagious diseases or skin conditions.
  2. Let the massage therapist know what you are expecting to get out of your massage. Do you want to have less pain in some area? Are you just looking to relax? Your therapist will ask in the beginning so be as specific as you can.
  3. If during the session, the therapist is not addressing your pain or stress, you can speak up and say something. Tell them you would like more work on that painful area.
  4. You can tell them to be quiet if they are talking too much and you are trying to relax.
  5. You can tell them if the room is too hot or cold or if you dislike the music.
  6. Your massage therapist may work on sensitive areas like the gluts (butt), chest area, inner thigh area. They should explain what they are doing and why and ask your permission to work on these sensitive areas. You can say NO. You should say no if you are uncomfortable.
  7. At any time, you have the right to stop the massage and get up off the table and leave if the massage therapist is making any sexual advances or saying/doing anything that makes you feel threatened for your safety.
  8. Trying different types of massage can be fun for the expeience but know that the type of massage you choose does not really matter as much as choosing the right therapist that can get the results you want. The best thing to look for when searching for massage is the outcome that massage can achieve.
  9. One of the keys to a great massage is getting the right amount of pressure applied to achieve the results that you are looking for. Each therapist should work with you to get the presssure just right. Deep tissue massage is often one of the most difficult to define and apply. Speak up if at any time the massage is hurting you! The massage therapist DOES NOT know best— YOU do! Ask the therapist to stop at any time. If they do not stop, get up and leave the room.
  10. Each massage therapist is unique. Each massage is really a unique experience. What felt good at one time, may not feel good another time. Don’t get turned off by a bad massage or bad massage therapist. There is one out there that should make it so you get a Great Massage!