Full Body Massage

The words full body massage are often used by people when asking for a massage. In some cases what people are really asking for is a “happy ending” so when you use that term asking about massage, you might get more questions to determine exactly what you mean by that.

Full body massage is massage that works on the full body – neck, back, arms, torso, hips legs and feet but NOT any private parts. If you are asking for that, you are looking for a prostitute.

FAQ’s about Full Body Massage

Do you have to get fully undressed- underwear, bra and all?

You can undress to the level of your comfort. If you have low back or hip issues, it might work better to be fully undressed or you can leave your underwear on. A skilled massage therapist will be able to address your issues through underwear.

Will I be lying there nude then?

Of course not. You will be covered by sheets and blankets. In a rare case, the massage therapist might use a large bath towel. Anything less, you should ask questions to make sure you are in the right place. Illicit Massage businesses are often disguised as massage spas or clinics.

What should you expect?

You should expect a nice, relaxing massage session in a safe environment. At any time of you feel uncomfortable, get up and get dressed and leave immediately! Talk to your therapist! A full body massage is really more of a relaxing massage or for wellness purposes. If you have pain or an injury, you will not be getting a full body massage, but the massage will focus on the areas that are related to the pain you are having to help relieve the pain. Learn how to get the most out of your massage.

How long will it take?

A general, a full body massage all over (except for private parts) massage can be done in an hour session but usually 90 minutes is better. The longer session can address things more thoroughly. A 60 minute massage is more of a general sweep over.