Developing, Maintaining, and Using a Body of Knowledge for the Massage Therapy Profession JoEllen M. Sefton, PhD, ATC, CMT,1Michael Shea, PhD, LMT,2 and Chip Hines, LMT, PMP

The Body of Knowledge Project for the massage therapy profession was started by a group of interested parties back in 2009. The MTBOK was/is supposed to help evolve the profession by being a source of information for those who make laws and regulations. Currently, the MTBOK website is down and has been for awhile. I am not sure what has happened to it but here are the important documents as found in the websites last scan in 2017.

MTBOK checklist of knowledge, skills and abilities.

One of the leaders of the project Chip Hines posted on his blog in 2016 that

So, the bad news is that the MTBOK hasn’t reached its potential, isn’t “living”, hasn’t been updated, hasn’t been changed, hasn’t been integrated and adopted by he community, and hasn’t addressed the more advanced knowledge, skills and abilities in a full Body of Knowledge of our profession. The good news is that the existing MTBOK fulfills its mission of describing what an entry level massage therapist needs to know and be able to do.