Best Shoes for massage therapists

I have been wanting to create this page for a very long time…so here it is! I still am amazed that there are so many Facebook threads asking the question – what shoes do you wear as a massage therapist?

The answer is as varied as there are number of feet in the world!

What works for some, do not work for others. Then there is the barefoot craze which is unsanitary and unprofessional but somehow got put into people’s minds that it is better to work barefoot to help ground yourself or whatever they are telling you. Wear shoes people!

What do you need in shoes?

You will want to have shoes that are supportive, comfortable and allow you to stand for long hours.

My top pick is Dansko’s Wynn which is a man’s shoe, but anyone can wear them of course. They used to have a similar looking shoe in women’s but discontinued it a few years ago. The reason why I like Dansko’s is that they have a built in arch and are solid, long lasting shoes that also look professional. Stay away from Dansko Clogs! I cannot tell you the number of people I have seen sprain their ankles on those shoes! They do have a basic shoe that is much better.

My next choice would be anything Crocs but mainly the Crocs for Work. I found these during the pandemic and lived in them around the house/yard and love the colorful options and the comfort!

My Third choice would be anything Sketchers.