Swedish Massage- Contraindications


Swedish Massage Contraindications


Possible consequences
Acceptable Interaction
Inflammatory Conditions -heat, redness, swelling, pain
-sprains, strains, bursitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis,
could aggravate and worsen condition RICE,
Sub-acute- general massage above area
chronic inflammation- direct massage may be ok.
Varicose Veins -veins that are enlarged and twisted due to damaged valves
-can be painful
-direct pressure can cause further damage
-deep draining stokes below varicosity is not advised as it may put more pressure on the valve
-spider veins ok
-work around vein or move it out of the way
-nutritional supplementation with Vit C and bioflavinoids recommended
blood Clots -inflammation of vein
-warmth, redness,
-found in elderly or after trauma
-may be discolored (reddish cyanotic hue)
-massage could dislodge and move clot possibly causing a heart attack or stroke Wait for medical clearance; blood thinner medications may be necessary
Cardiac conditions -severe high blood pressure that is unstable
-heart/body may not tolerate increase in circulation -work only when medicated or controlled by diet and stress reduction methods
Hemophilia – inability of the blood to coagulate
-abnormal tendency to bleed
-may cause swelling in joints
-usually medicated with cumaden or other blood thinners
-deep pressure may bruise or cause tissue damage
-light pressure until you find out what the client can tolerate
Diabetes -advanced cases: loss of feeling and circulation in extremities
-pitted edema: pressing into tissue leaving indentation that stays
may cause tissue damage -circulatory strokes may still be beneficial: proceed with caution
Pregnancy -reduced circulation in legs
-possible blood clots due to hormonal changes
Use Common Sense
Work with physician or midwife.
Local or systemic infections -fever
-inflamed lymph nodes
-some examples: chicken pox, measles, influenza, scarlet fever, nephritis, hepatitis
-massage may be too stressful on the body and the immune system -energy work
-physicians approval needed
Infectious Skin Diseases -bacterial infections (staph, impetigo, tuberculosis)
-viral infections (herpes simplex and zoster, warts, chicken pox,
-parasites (scabies, fleas, lice, ticks)
-Fungal Infections (athletes foot, ringworm, yeast infections)
-may spread disease to yourself and other clients -physician approval