Massage State Licensing Exams

Arkansas accessed 10/20/2018


1.The Department may administer an examination of its own preparation as the State licensing examination for Arkansas massage therapists, to be administered at the time and place the Department so designates.
2.The Department will accept the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) in lieu of the State licensing examination provided that the applicant passes a Department examination that verifies their knowledge of the Massage Therapy Act and of these rules and regulations that govern the practice of
massage therapy in the State.
3.In the instance of multiple exams, the Department reserves the right to choose specific exams.
4. The Department may, at its discretion, require a practical examination and may publish guidelines for the examination so that applicants might have insight into what would be expected to be demonstrated.
a. The Department determines the location for practical examinations.
b. Guidelines for massage  and draping techniques will be tested at all locations.
1. The Department will be testing the draping of unclothed clients.
a.However, exceptions may e allowed for documented medical or religious reasons.