Common Sense Massage Job Interview Skills

Common Sense Massage Job Interview Skills should be taught in basic massage school.  In case you missed that class here is a list of my favorite simple things you can do to ace a massage job interview:

  • Dress as a business professional.  Even though you are doing relaxing massage doing massage for a living is about creating and running a business.  Show the employer that you are serious about your work.  Even though massage tends to be a casual dress environment you will be sure to stand out when you dress up and dress more like a business person.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Come with questions for the interviewer.  Find out if they are a match for you!
  • You don’t have to take the first job that is offered to you.  Make sure the job is a fit for you so you don’t waste your time or the managements time.  For more ideas on what to ask see my Massage Job Guide – How to Find or Create Your Ideal Massage Job.
  • Be on time!  Be early in fact!  That shows you are serious about your commitments and work.
  • Be prepared to do a massage as part of the interview.  Do a full intake as you would with a real client.  Show the interviewer that you know how to work with the conditions that clients bring to the table and know how to address their needs.  Learn how to do an interview that gets you the answers you need to work more efficiently and effectively to get the results that client is expecting.
  • Get a professional email address.  Don’t use your or address.

What tips to you have for people in a job interview?

3 thoughts on “Common Sense Massage Job Interview Skills”

  1. Thanks, I have been wondering about how I should dress. My one question is if I am in business attire and asked to give a massage during the interview should I bring work close to change into or just roll up my sleeves and have at it?

  2. You could probably do either. You could also find a way to dress that is business minded yet comfortable to do massage in.

  3. For work I use some very comfortable collared shirts. They look very professional in my opinion, but are more or less golf shirts. I’ve worn them to an interview before with slacks, but it still left me wondering if maybe a suit would have been the better choice.

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