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Massage Envy

Massage Envy was one of the first companies to bring franchises to the massage therapy profession and was started back in 2002. The idea back then was quite controversial as their business model is to hire entry level grads or anyone who wants to work there and pay them low hourly wages. The franchise offers …

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Massage Jobs -Mission Statements/Informational Interviews

Mission Statements and Purpose/Philosophy Statements for Massage Therapy Jobs. Creating a mission statement will give you some added perspective and direction. Mission statements are often used by businesses to  create a guideline to doing business. You can create a personal mission  statement that will summarize your vision. It should communicate the essence of who you are …

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Massage Job Contracts

Suggestions for Writing a Contractual Agreement with an employer or Independent Contractor Having a contract with your employer or independent contractor is a necessary business procedure. You may think you don’t need one, but often times find out the hard way that  you do. Planning ahead can reduce the stress and build better business relationships.  Consult …

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