The Muscular System

Learning the Muscular system – how muscles work, how movement is created and everything related to muscles, is the foundation of massage therapy school and also of being a successful massage therapist.  It begins with just learning the basic things like muscle cells structure and how the cells form fibers and what makes muscles contract.

You will learn the basics of the muscular system in massage school:


It will be an ongoing process really as you learn to apply how muscles move and work together to create various movements and apply them to peoples daily lives.  Even a person sitting at a desk all day, has muscular problems related to movement.  Being able to take what you know about muscles and apply them to any situation – from sitting, sleeping, hiking, golfing, tennis, knitting, walking, driving the car, sitting in a plane seat and everything we do basically as people – will help you be a more successful massage therapist.

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  1. In school I loved learning about the muscles, but it was hard to convince myself that all this knowledge was more important than someone simply having a good sense of touch and intuition. It wasn’t until I started learning the advanced techniques that I fully appreciated how powerful it was to know the origins, insertions, innervations, and actions of ALL the muscles. Every advanced technique uses this detailed knowledge and builds upon it. If you want to be really good at massage and learn muscle energy technique, active release technique, or any other, it all starts with the task of learning about the muscles.

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