Billing Insurance Companies for Massage Therapists

Billing insurance companies for massage therapy services can be a very lucrative way to build and grow your massage business.  There is a lot that you have to learn and do to bill correctly and make sure you get paid.  It also requires learning how to create a network of physicians and healthcare providers to  refer clients to you.   I have been billing insurance companies since I first started doing massage back in 1989.  I had 250 hours of training in massage school.  There are no technical classes required in order to bill an insurance company as many people may try to tell you especially if they are promoting classes on the topic.

I have written down most everything I know about billing insurance and created a section for it on my website.  Here is a basic outline of what you need to know:

  1. Ask the insurance company that you are working with how to bill correctly.  Find out what forms and paperwork they require, what codes that they will pay and what the payment schedule is.
  2. How to fill our a billing form which currently is the CMS 1500.  It is similar to the HCFA 1500 but includes space for your NPI number.
  3. You will need an NPI Number.
  4. You will need a HIPAA Privacy Policy Manual and forms.  Sohnen-Moe has some free forms to get you started.
  5. Know what codes to use for the CPT Code – there are only two main ones so you can’t go wrong really.  97124 and 97140.  It is usually a matter of what the insurance company accepts.  There are a few here that only accept 97124 which is therapeutic massage code and some that will accept 97140 which is considered to be manual therapy.
  6. Use a service like to submit your bills electronically for free.
  7. Create a referral network of physicians.

While most of the information is on my site I have been getting out of insurance billing so I am not up to date on everything so I also highly recommend the Massage Insurance Billing Manual by Vivian Madison Mahoney.

I’ll talk about how to create a referral network in my next post.


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  2. Trina Satterfield says:

    It states that on the body worker site that there is a downloadable format for the new 1500 form for insurance billing, but I click on it and asks for a password. I am currently working as a massage therapist and I visit your site quite often and it has been helpful. Please help me.

    Thank you

  3. Sorry that file doesn’t work anymore and the form is different. It is a CMS 1500 form that you need now. You can buy them on

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